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Callredux Glo-CUG plan

The Callredux Glo-CUG plans allow you call any GSM network at Glo's cheapest contract line rates. But that is not all. The Callredux Glo-CUG plans have an extra Closed User Group (CUG) feature activated on it. This feature allows you make FREE calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to friends, family and co-workers that have also joined the Callredux Glo-CUG plans from anywhere in the country.

This means that the Callredux Glo-CUG combines the cheap call rates of a contract line with the unlimited FREE calls of the CUG to help you crash your call costs dramatically.

Suitable for

Benefits [back to top]

Other Networks currently offering a similar service restricts your FREE CALLS to just the network of people in your office alone. However, when you join the Callredux Glo-CUG Classic or Premium plan you can also introduce your family, friends and loved ones wherever they are in the country and CALL them FREE 24hrs a day.

With the Callredux Glo-CUG Premium plan, you get :

With the Callredux Glo-CUG Classic plan, you get :

How much does it cost? [back to top]

It cost N5500 to activate Callredux Glo-CUG Premium on your Globacom line broken down as follows:

It cost N5500 to activate Callredux Glo-CUG Classic on your Globacom line broken down as follows:

How it works [back to top]

Callredux Glo-CUG Premium Plan

  1. Register on this website and pay for the Callredux Glo-CUG Premium plan either to our bank account or use your ATM card.
  2. After payment, login and confirm payment.
  3. Your CallRedux account balance then gets credited with the paid amount, and you can proceed to make your purchase.
  4. We will send the list of purchased number(s) to Globacom for provisioning.
  5. Pick up your line(s) after 48hrs at nearest Glo-world outlet and start talking using CallRedux call rates.

Note that the collector of the SIM(s) must bear appropriate Identification (driver’s license, national ID card or international passport) which must tally with the details registered at the point of purchase. CallRedux marketers only need to present their staff ID for collection.

Also, a onetime SIM replacement fee of N100 (for every SIM purchased) will be paid at the Glo world outlet to complete the transaction.

Callredux Glo-CUG Classic Plan

  1. Get a new Globacom number or migrate your existing Globacom number.
  2. Register on this website and select Callredux Glo-CUG Classic plan
  3. Pay for the plan either to our bank or use your ATM card.
  4. After payment you supply the number you want the GLO REDUX LINE activated on.
  5. CALLREDUX then send your number to Globacom to be provisioned.
  6. A welcome text is sent to you once you have been provisioned on the platform and you can start talking using CALLREDUX call rates.