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  1. How you get on our Reward System
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Reward System

Reward System

Imagine the possibility of you making money with your GSM phone. Guess that sounds too good to be true. Also imagine the possibility of you making calls on your GSM phone to other networks without paying for phone credit. It is very possible and easy to do.

CALLREDUX makes all these possible through our reward system. All you need to do is introduce your family and friends to the CALLREDUX platform and earn N500 (Five hundred naira) on EACH PERSON that joins! For example, if you introduce 20 people to the CALLREDUX platform, you earn N10, 000 naira!

If you need N5000 credit on your phone monthly all you need to do is introduce 10 people monthly and you can claim your reward as credit on your phone and talk as long as you want.

How do you get on our reward system

Note that you will only receive a reward if you buy through a marketer.